About the Company

We are the champions of creating good flavour- flavour that you are searching!

The company Kabanospol was founded in 1991 by Tadeusz Wilk, Marian Grabiec and Władysław Pociask – who set the priority to create new, unchangable, exquisite taste. Taste, which we have maintained for many years. In our daily production we skillfully combine new technologies with old-fashioned recipies. Everyday we control the quality of our products, modern equipment of the production line, high qualifications of the staff, expanded distribution net – all for the satisfaction of our clients. We specially care for the most demanding palates, which is why we constantly expand our range of products.

We care for the taste as well as freshness of our products which reach your table!

All production processes in Kabanospol undergo thorough control by doctors of the District Veterinary Inspectorates. To increase security of the production process we implemented a quality control system HACCP. Thanks to the means of the European Union, from the project SAPARD, we conducted a thorough modernization of the plant and its expansion. In the new buildings there are modern, strictly fitted to the EU requirements, lines of slaughter of cattle and swine. We also renowated the old part of the plant, where now are halls of meat cutting, production, storage and dispatch.
To make sure that you will get meat and other products in the best quality, we have refrigerated isothermal vehicles, which we use to deliver goods to our contractors.
Are you looking for delish meat and products? Do you need meat to create exquisite meals which will impress you and your guests? We invite you to meet the products from Kabanospol, the taste you are looking for!